I was able to work out at home. I thought working out at home had to be boring, long and drawn out and with this challenge, it was the opposite. After completing the challenge I felt good. I could roll out of bed and workout. No excuses to not work out. What stood out is how simple the workouts were, but intense and definitely woke me up and had my legs feeling worked out. It was good to be able to work out at home and not have to go to the gym.
— Blogger
I was not pushed out of my comfort zone since I ’ve previously done Joy’s Sweat Bootcamp. It was also a good idea to get started early It was a great achievement to complete the challenge, I feel great.
I would not change anything. What stood out to me the most during the challenge was Joy’s enthusiasm, dedication, and timely start and definitely yes, I would do the challenge again, I am seeing results.
— Lucianna Wallace, Over 50 and strong
The challenge forced me to commit to working out earlier in the morning than I usually do it was really motivating and I will not change anything about the challenge.
What stood out the most during the challenge is that my body was cooperating well with the high-intensity workouts. I was energized throughout the day, I would absolutely do it again.
— Creative Wellness Coach -